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Our Favorite Skincare Brands

When it comes to our beauty products, we apply the same rule as for our clothes: The more natural and conscious of our environment, the better.  

We have put together a list of brands we love, covering different prices and type of products. We will be updating this list regularly so make sure to share your favorite natural beauty brands in the comment section!



Standards: Natural | Ethical | Fair-Trade | Not tested on animals.

Weleda is a swiss-based brand, founded in 1921. They never use synthetic compound in their ingredient list but instead flowers, herbs, fruit extracts, clays, roots, and minerals. Weleda sells baby care and adult body care products, including deodorant, toothpaste, cleansers, moisturizers, and massage oil.

Products we loveWild Rose Creamy Body WashLavender Relaxing Body Oil

Price range: $10 - $19.50


Dr. Hauschka

Standards: Natural | Responsible sourcing | Not tested on animals.

Dr Hauschka offers a range of natural skin care and beauty products. Formulated with high-grade essences from medicinal plants, using only the finest plant oils and natural essential oils, their products utilize the healing and therapeutic properties of nature to restore and maintain healthy skin.

Products we loveClarifying Clay MaskRose Day Cream

Price range: $25 - $95



Standard: Organic | Vegan | Recyclable packaging | Not tested on animals.

Pai Skinare is a London based skincare company. The products are particularly tailored for people with sensitive skin. They are only made with organic ingredients avoiding anything that has the potential to upset or imbalance sensitive skin.

Products we loveCamelia & Rose cleanserChamomille & roseship calming day cream

Price range: $20 - $90


Tata Harper

Standards: Natural & non-toxic | Made in Vermont, USA | Recyclable packaging | Not tested on animals.

Tata Harper is the queen of super-high-end natural skin-care. All of her product are 100% natural and non-toxic, they are all hand made in her farm in Vermont where the ingredients are grown. Tata Harper works directly with chemists, biologists, botanists, and integrated medicine practitioners around the globe, using the most advanced natural skincare technology to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Products we loveReparative MoisturizerRetinoic Nutrient Face Oil

Price range: $29 - $380

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum.jpg

Drunk Elephant

Standards: Not tested on animals | Non-toxic 

All of Drunk Elephant skincare products are made without, what they call the "Suspicious Six": essential oils, drying alcohols, silicons, chemical screens, fragrance/dyes and SLS, making their products appropriate for all skin types.

They are not 100% vegan as some of their products contain derived from seashell and beeswax.

Products we loveC-Firma Day SerumC-Tango multivitamins eye cream

Price range: $18 - $134



Standards: Vegan | Organic | Nontoxic | Eco-friendly packaging | Not tested on animals

Osea was founded by former spa director, Jenefer Palmer. She decided to create her own brand after learning that the majority of the products she was using contained toxic synthetic ingredients and that some were even carcinogenic. All of Osea products are organic, vegan and nontoxic. Seaweed is their star ingredient as it contains powerful bioavailable minerals and nutrients. Despite Osea's fast growth, it remains a family-run business as the founder's husband and children are also involved in the Company.

Products we loveOcean CleanserBlemish Balm Moisturizer

Price range: $16 - $98



Standards: Vegan | Nontoxic | Not tested on animals | Eco-friendly packaging

Biossance formulates its products following strict guidelines set in Europe. The company sustainably recreated "squalene" a mega-moisturizing molecule which is produced by the human body but decreases over time. This amazing ingredient instantly hydrate your skin while locking in essential moisture.

Products we loveSqualane + Vitamin C Rose OilSqualane + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

Price range: $14 - $72


Ursa Major

Standards: Natural | Nontoxic | Not tested on animals 

Ursa Major is a skincare brand based in Vermont. All of their products are 98% to 100% naturally-derived, gluten-free and free of suspect chemicals. Most of their product are vegan but not all, as some of them include by-products from honey bees. 

Products we loveFantastic Face WashHoppin' Fresh Deodorant

Price range: $12 - $54



: Organic | Nontoxic | Not tested on animals 

Wearing SPF every day is the single best thing you can do for your skin. After realizing that most people don't wear sunscreen because they don't like the feel on their skin, Supergoop founder, Holly Thaggard, became obsessed with the idea of creating an ingredient-conscious, clean, feel-good formula. Supergoop's products are a game changer and will truly make you want to wear SPF everyday. The formula magically disappears when touched, and it doubles as a great makeup primer. 

Products we loveUnseen sunscreen100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder

Price range: $20 - $48

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